Insurance Agency Vlogging – Staying Ahead Of The Insurance Marketing Curve
Insurance Agency Websites, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Blogging - there's lots to keep up with to stay current and achieving a certain market. Agency target markets can be horizontal (businesses with sales between $1 million to $10 million in sales) or vertical (transportation firms and owner-operators) and also extremely wide in scope (personal lines, for example). Marketing by insurance agencies should channel content to a specific target market. A primary step toward accomplishing this goal is to create of a quality blog. After that and in order to ensure that an agency is always ahead of trends, agents must consider vlogging as an important component of their insurance agency's online marketing strategy. A vlog is a type of video blog, and vlogs are on the cutting edge in the field of insurance agency marketing via the internet. Vlogs may, and should be brief video clips less than a minute long. They must be professional and sound good in quality and images, and are posted on an insurance agency's website typically in close proximity to the agency blog(s). And for agencies seeking to expand their reach or looking for their videos to be taken the higher level, vlogs could be posted to a dedicated YouTube channel. YouTube will help with Insurance agency SEO and optimization of search marketing. At this point some agents may be thinking, "Is this really necessary?" While vlogging may not be required, it is important and helpful because of the following reasons: 1. There is no need for anything until the day that an agency realizes they are the only one who isn't doing it. A decade ago several agencies were snide about "needing" a professional website to compete. Today no agency can be without one. Soon, the same can just be the case for SEO or Social Media Marketing. Vlogging is no different. As the younger generation of Facebook and YouTube focused buyers are expected to soon make the buying decision, videos and vlogging will become part of the core of every insurance agency's web marketing program. 2. The use of video content can help improve the quality of insurance agency SEO. Videos on a website for insurance agencies can improve rankings on SERPs. This SEO boost increases proportionately if combined with an agency YouTube channel - YouTube is the third most well-ranked and indexed site in the world. YouTube is increasingly used by companies to reach their clients in the areas where they spend the most time. An agency will miss an extremely lucrative (and free) opportunity if it does not provide video content on YouTube. 3. Vlogging and video can give a competitive edge for numerous agencies. In a time when it's becoming more difficult to differentiate one agency's offerings against another the use of video and vlogging could help deliver content in unique and professional ways. Imagine a scenario in which the producer of Agency A, and from Agency B are both after the same person. Agency A's producer presents the prospect with the prospect a business card and long brochure. Agency B's manager pulls off an iPhone and shows the prospective an expert 30 second video of a current client raving about the agency's solutions. Which agency has the edge? For more detail please visit:- cuisine maroc newborn photography perth Digital News 4. Video is cool and interesting. There's no better method to describe it other than that we live in an era of video-centric culture, and nothing of print, copy, or words can beat an expert video. Generation X and Y are going to seek information differently than traditional marketing did a few decades ago. It is crucial that marketers adapt their strategies to match the demands, desires and expectations of the new generation of buyers. The only thing that is constant is change when it comes to marketing, and an insurance agency's web marketing is a natural extension to any effective broker or agency outreach program. One of the latest tools that are available to marketers is a vlog, it's best to look into adding the capability earlier rather in the future than later.

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